Projects & Publications



Research fellowship under the South African Research Chair in IP, Innovation and Development


Queen Elizabeth Scholar and Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) Fellowship


Legal Aid Initiatives For Artists And Startups


Conversation on The Digital Creative Economy: Copyright, Law and Policy in Africa



  1. Multi-sided music platforms and the law: Copyright, law and policy in Africa (Routledge: 2020).

Peer-reviewed research and/or policy publications

  1. Screenplays and feature film production: Copyright protection and enforcement. Business Law Review (Issue 2) 2020 (forthcoming).
  2. Corporate governance of copyright collecting societies in Nigeria: are (some) interventions under the Copyright Act lawful? Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Journal of Intellectual Property (forthcoming).
  3. Copyright in “contest-created” works: Ugandan Court of Appeal weighs private interests and public benefit vis-à-vis Uganda’s national anthem Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, jpz133.
  4. An analysis of the IP-related provisions of the Nigerian Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2019. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 14(8), p. 613-621.
  5. Corporate governance of collecting societies in Nigeria: Powers of the sector regulator. South African Intellectual Property Law Journal, 6(1), pp.24-46.
  6. Nigerian Supreme Court issues guidance on locus standi of collecting societies. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 13(12), pp.931-933.