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Penguide is a leading independent provider of legal and policy research, a legal and transactional advisor, and a provider of training services and materials.

Penguide is about guiding decision-makers through research-backed information and advice. The focus is on decision-makers be they individuals, organisations, private and public institutions, governments working with intellectual property and technology.

Our Services


Penguide’s research delivers insights focused on Africa and African countries, providing evidence, context and nuance for policies and decisions affecting economies in Africa.

Legal and transaction advisory

We assist individuals, institutions, governments providing legal and transaction advice that enable them to navigate the gamut of regulatory issues associated with intellectual property (copyright, industrial designs, trade marks, proprietary confidential information, trade secrets, patents, etc.) and (emerging) technologies. Our specialty is translating complex academic research into practical advice.

Training and Training Materials

Penguide runs bespoke, client-ordered workshops and training sessions to help individuals, businesses, private and public institutions and governments keep abreast of developments in African business sectors